EarnHoney Review

EarnHoney Review

This website is a SCAM!  And I won’t link to it.  I had read many negative reviews of the site, so I made sure to follow all the rules and instructions perfectly. I tried cashing out $1 gift certificate and was sent an email requiring further information. I submitted that information (my phone number). After that my account said I had been credited, but I never received anything in my e-mail (including junk folder) or my account).  I sent them 2 more emails requesting clarification, and I never received a response.  Avoid it like the plague.

Lucrelab Logo

Lucrelab Review

Lucrelab.com is a new Pay-To-Click site that’s just starting up.  If I’m not mistaken – you click ads to build up “Bonus Ad Points.” With BAP you buy paid ads that you can click to make money.  The higher your BAP, the higher the ads’ values will be.  If you really want to be a player though you have to use your earnings to purchase ads of your own (which then increase your BAP, which then increase the value of ads being delivered) otherwise you won’t climb the ranks.  Keep in mind this site is very new at the time of this writing, but that might be a good thing.

Superpoints Logo

Superpoints Review

Superpoints.com is a relatively new site with a few ways to earn points — a SuperLucky button that you click, Stumble Rewards that give you points for browsing/recommending sites, some surveys/tasks/etc… It’s a pretty new site, and I haven’t had a chance to cash out yet, but so far it seems legit.

FusionCash Logo

FusionCash Review

FusionCash.net seems like a decent site.  While I’ve only been using it for a little while they offer a $5 signup bonus, and have a lot of the usual players for survey and mobile/tablet apps, Crowdflower, etc… This is my preferred choice for RadioLoalty because for some reason it seems to crash less often… and I want my $5 bonus.  Minimum cashout is pretty high, and has some strict rules about how much of it must be earnings and how much can be bonus points… but the site still seems pretty good.

Gokano Review

Gokano Review

Gokano.com is a relatively new site with not much to do, but the reward sturcture is perfectly reasonable.  Log in daily to get 1 point, complete monthly missions for an additional point, and refer friends.  Just to give you an idea – a 16GB Kingston DataTraveler 100G3 (Usb 3.0) pendrive is 30 points… so 1 month of doing the bare minimum and you should at least get a reward in theory (if it’s in stock).  A GoPro HD Hero is 375 points… so 1 year of hanging around here and you’ll be about ready to shoot some quality helmet cam vids.

[Aug 25, 2015 Update] Some of the point values might increase, and there is an extremely limited supply of rewards.  In the last round the rewards sold out in less than 10 minutes.  The site’s still worth a try though.