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PermissionResearch Review

PermissionResearch was the easiest $20 I’ve ever made online.  I installed their “research software” which I’m sure just basically tracks everything I do online, and each month they gave me $5.  There’s more to it than that – such as surveys, etc.. for gift cards, cash, and sweepstakes, but my involvement with the program ended after my initial $20 reward.

i-Say Review

Introduction is a pretty traditional survey site with a lot of surveys.  Since surveys are often found in GPT aggregators like Swagbucks, etc.. I’ve only used it a few times because I prefer to put as many of my eggs in one basket as possible (though it actually pays better if you use directly and not use one of those GPT aggregate sites). Read more.

Swagbucks Review


One of my favorite sites by far is  I have been a member of this site since May 2014, and have amassed over 25,000 swagbucks, which is roughly the equivalent of $250 (though with special offers is more likely around $275-$300).  While I have been a registered member for a little over a year, I have only really begun using it seriously. Read more.